Second Realm - Night School

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Second Realm - Night School

Post  Antiope on Fri Feb 26, 2010 3:39 am

Here we are in modern-day LA, California. We stand in front of the school us Shadow creatures must go to, it's 8 PM on a Monday evening. Although they are young students, only teenagers, they are all aware of the lurking predators. They know they aren't the same predators the normal children worry about, they can easily defend against them, but these are predators that know how to destroy them and hope to destroy the young in order to destroy their kind entirely. Those who aren't supposed to be trying to stop them, those mere humans, call themselves "Hunters," but the young students must be wary of those who truly have the ability to destroy them. They must be wary of the Slayers. Just the very thought of the word sends shivers down the spine of all Shadow children, and they are on constant alert. Although most of them are only half Shadow, the sun still bothers them quite a bit, therefore this school is at night, it is the same hours as a normal school just the opposite time of day. The students try to protect themselves but know that people go missing all the time. At any moment a friend or even teacher can disappear, and so we go to the students and their predators that wait in Shadows just yards from the school...

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